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Ante semejantes alegaciones, ya imagino el desenlace…

Al abrir la caja, no había nada excepto el cuerpo de la consola.

¿Voy a la guardia civil a poner una denuncia falsa, como el comprador?

and mount of his gun and not know what would happen? D) The long gun that Sinatra used was not a machine gun.Despite another reviewer's comment that there are no surprises (NOT true) and stereotypical roles (not sure what else they could be under the circumstances, but they all give solid performances), this is a compelling drama that is worth a watch if for no other reason than Sinatra's fine portrayal of a psychokiller.If you'd like to see Sterling Hayden really stretch HIS acting muscles, you'll have to check out Dr. "Don't think you're God because you have a gun"; when you see how it turns out, you'll know why.Again, think "They Live by Night" or "The Hunter" or "Touch of Evil." Nothing like that in this sunny and pretty straightforward movie.6) Here are two things in "Suddenly" that are absent in film noir: patriotism (note the actors almost genuflect when they mention the president). Lot's of people here think Sinatra was terrific: I thought his acting was forced and hackneyed. Also, there were some real problems in this movie: A) grandpa is supposed to be an expert on electricity but he worked on an open back of a t.v.

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