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Both outstripped Saudi Arabia, the Gulf state notorious for repressive attitudes towards women under its strict Wahabi Islamic law.

It came in as the third worst country for women, followed by Syria and Yemen.

The study painted a grim picture for females with domestic abuse and prostitution on the rise and illiteracy soaring, according to Refugees International Experts noted some small advances in Saudi Arabia, which, while it remains the only country to prohibit female driving, has seen some cautious reforms to allow women more employment opportunities and a greater presence in public life.

Since January, 30 women have been appointed to the150-member Shoura Council, the nearest thing Saudi Arabia has to a parliament - though the body has no legislative or budgetary powers.

“I needed 50 stitches to close the gaping wound on my face,” she later said in an interview broadcast on the privately owned Al-Masry Al-Youm news site.

With the right side of her face badly swollen and her eye completely shut, Tarek warned women not to report harassment incidents “lest you suffer a similar fate.” “I have fallen out with my family and lost many of my friends.

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The poll assessed violence against women, reproductive rights, treatment of women within the family, their integration into society and attitudes towards a woman's role in politics and the economy."We removed the Mubarak from our presidential palace but we still have to remove the Mubarak who lives in our minds and in our bedrooms," Egyptian columnist Mona Eltahawy said, referring to Egypt's ousted military ruler, Hosni Mubarak."As the miserable poll results show, we women need a double revolution, one against the various dictators who've ruined our countries and the other against a toxic mix of culture and religion that ruin our lives as women." Iraq came in as the second worst Arab nation for women's rights, with the Middle Eastern country now more dangerous for females than it was under toppled dictator Saddam Hussein, the study indicated.Syria has in the past been known for its relatively liberal attitudes towards women, particularly in major cities such as Damascus, but the surge in Islamist groups there and the introduction of Sharia law in some regions now controlled by hardline militants have rolled back progress in the field of gender equality.The civil conflict had also seen government forces rape and torture women, according to rights groups, while displaced women in refugee camps were left vulnerable to trafficking, forced and child marriage and sexual violence.

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