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Miranda is career-minded and focused on making partner at her law firm, but begins to soften and take a different approach to relationships as the years progress.The show’s emphasis on sex and sexuality, explicit language, and immorality were heavily criticized.

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“Dragons are where our partnership ends,” he tells Jaime.

She had a high-powered job, a husband, a baby, a dog, and an actual house with a yard. Miranda Hobbes was everything, and no one ever gave her her due. In "Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl" (season three, episode four), Carrie dates a bisexual man.

According to her expertise, bisexuals who are open about their sexuality are weird, all bisexuals end up with men, and bisexuality doesn’t even really exist.

We’ve all been through rough patches, but even in 2002, when banks were giving out loans left and right, Carrie couldn’t get a loan. Her first love was a brown horse named Taddy, you see, who betrayed her by throwing her during a competition.

Still, this is Sex and the City, so she ultimately buys her apartment with Charlotte’s money and her financial troubles are never mentioned again. Charlotte smiles knowingly when she thinks about how Taddy just loved to be ridden after she broke him in.

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