Laws on dating a minor in washington

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But did you know that you have a lot more rights than you thought, in matters that are a little more important than buying watery beer or watching a crappy R-rated movie? From abortion rights to dealing with the police, here are nine things you didn’t know you could legally do as a teenager. Laws regarding drinking, driving, and more might be more or less restrictive in other countries, however.Whoa, okay, before you start fantasizing about the idea of dating a handsome 25-year-old, know that there are big exceptions to this rule.Thanks to doctor-patient confidentiality, your doctor cannot rat you out to you parents.If you can't obtain birth control through your insurance (which, lets be real, is probably through your parents), you can pay out of pocket for your pills. Speaking of doctor-patient confidentiality, your parents don't have to be informed of any appointment you have with a doctor. Your parents don't have to give you permission to find out, nor do they need to know if you test positive.When you're 14-years-old or 15-years-old, you can work up to three hours a day on school days outside of school hours.

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You can be under 18-years-old and still have the rights of an legally emancipate yourself.This is usually the case for 14-16-year-olds who are dating 18 and 19-year-olds.With Romeo and Juliet laws in place, a 15-year-old could potentially have an 18-year-old partner without the latter getting charged with statutory rape and becoming a registered sex offender.So, here's the deal: Every state has its own age of consent, and many states have something called Romeo and Juliet laws.These laws give legal protection to couples who have very small age differences between them.

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