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The wife moves into a mansion after marriage (which is a staple requirement in Bollywood horror movies).She learns of her husband’s ex-wife is roaming the mansion long after she died.Bollywood horror movies are rarely bilingual and 13B is a Tamil-Hindi film that narrates a series of unfortunate incidents that haunt a man who moves into a new apartment on the 13th floor.When the man’s family gets hooked to a TV serial – the events of which are similar to his own, he unearths a secret that haunts his family. A happily married atheist construction engineer who does not believe in evil spirits comes face to face with evil spirits at his home. This movie was a low budget horror movie but had a surprising run at the box office.In fact, there was a Rs.5 Lakh Rupee reward for anyone who can watch the movie alone in a movie theatre.Kohra is a thriller horror film that narrates the story of a couple.This is more of a thinking man’s supernatural thriller and takes you on an emotional journey of a cop grieving the death of his young son in an accident and investigating a mysterious car crash.Pisaasu is a Tamil supernatural drama film that is perfectly paced with stunning music and a thought-provoking plot.

Murder 3 is a thriller that deconstructs love and questions its very existence in the world of today’s relationship crimes.What better was to cuddle up with your partner on a romantic Halloween date night than to watch Bollywood horror movies?We have lined up 8 Bollywood horror movies that will certainly make you want to run for the daylight in a crowded place.Raaz delivers the message that people forget everything and run behind fame – however, the only thing that remains is love, not for ourselves but others around us.Ragini MMS is a Hindi horror film, partly based on the real story of a Delhi girl named Deepika.

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