Dating in gta iv

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The video is in length, however there is a shorter version that is about in length. The song used in the video is called 'Get Innocuous! On 13 July 2007, a Liberty City radio station dubbed "WKTT Talk Radio - We Know The Truth" was launched.

In Europe, the advert advertises only the Xbox 360 version and not the Play Station 3 version. The teaser site mentions that people can do their part for the War on Terror by calling in and ranting.

The second trailer was released on 28 June 2007 at UTC.

The trailer is in length and begins with an aerial shot of Liberty City before showing Niko in conversation who replies "We're all looking for that special someone." The trailer shows Niko holding on to the backs of vehicles and the skid of a helicopter, displays new gun and explosion effects and demonstrates the increased force of the police.

At the end of the trailer, Niko is threatened by gangsters and is forced to join their gang.

The song can be heard in one of the game's radio station, Vladivastok FM.

Most of the trailer is spent showing a bank robbery being carried out by four men including Niko.Other scenes include a police chase along a runway of Francis International Airport, Niko being entertained in a strip club and a slow-mo car explosion (The man flying through the air during the explosion appears to be Niko).The trailer then shows an unidentified male holding a saw at the back of Niko's head, before some clips are played at high speed." by one woman named Michelle, and kissed on the cheek by another.Niko begins looking for Roman, who is hiding from gangsters; various combat scenes are shown before Niko and Roman are attacked, captured and interrogated.

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